Who We Are

Sprokets was formed in 2006 as more and more independent professionals began collaborating on larger projects. We quickly realized that a lean agency focused on long term product relationships vs one-off projects was a great way to leverage the range of independent designers and developers we were working with. Our research driven approach was exposing so many great opportunities for our clients and we wanted to help make them happen.

The name “Sprokets” came from the notion that a few loosely organized, independent, collaborative pieces can do great work.

We expect to match a few people with the right problems at a time and rearrange as needed. Sprokets was designed by founders Vince Frantz and Mike Barone to support collaboration with our members and clients.

Vince Frantz
Founder, Design Director
Mike Barone
Founder, Engineering Director
Dan Collins
Lori Dean
Scott Friel
Matthew Grosse
Mike Hickey
Keith Knittel
Mehron Moqtaderi
Product Manager
Dan Ott
Joe Walters

Where We Are

Sprokets’ members are scattered around the east coast and midwest. Most of us work from home offices where we can avoid distractions and needless banter.

We have two offices located in Lakewood, Oh and Philadelphia, Pa.

Fort Rockport

Visit our Lakewood Office.

Fort Southwark

Visit Our Philly Office.

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Sprokets is a strategic design & development firm.
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